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Subject svn commit: r326971 - /directory/asn1/trunk/ber-new/todo.txt
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 18:56:42 GMT
Author: elecharny
Date: Thu Oct 20 11:56:18 2005
New Revision: 326971

Replaced the TODO.txt file by the original file, which has been lost during a merge


Modified: directory/asn1/trunk/ber-new/todo.txt
--- directory/asn1/trunk/ber-new/todo.txt (original)
+++ directory/asn1/trunk/ber-new/todo.txt Thu Oct 20 11:56:18 2005
@@ -1,39 +1,18 @@
+Here is a list of things that has to be done :
-                                T O D O   L I S T 
-                                =================
-* Need an equality test for TupleNodes hence trees.
-* For the mock decoder in Eve see if we can rig in a decoder that builds on this
-  BERDecoder that can at a bare minimum detect when an LDAP message starts and 
-  ends.  This way we can continue working on Eve while the snickers code 
-  progresses forward.  In fact we could even capture a full buffer and feed it
-  to the old synchronous SNACC provider just for now to get decodes working.
-* Add a value size protection feature to the decoder to either break up 
-  incomming massive tlv's into smaller tlv's or to stream them to disk, 
-  and providing a data reference rather than a byte[] to the callback's 
-  decodeOccurred method.  This will be huge for both performance and the
-  prevention of denial of service attacks where massive TLV's bombard the
-  decoder.  We need to look at the big picture to figure out which approach
-  is best within the whole decoding processs.
-* Build a library of primitive ASN.1 data types mapping them to Java types.
-* Build a digester like tool on top of the BERDecoder, for now we'll call it a
-  TLVDecoder.  It is fed a train of TLV's and it statefully constructs ASN.1
-  stubs based on the input.  When an entire stub has been assembled it is 
-  emitted via the decodeOccurred callback.
-* It will be worth while taking a good look at the way digester works to get 
-  some ideas here.
-* Also we need to read the Sample Neufeld papper to make sure we're decoding
-  appropriately.
+ * write tests !
+ * add the streaming of big objects
+ * deal with memory exhaustion
+ * extend a DER and CER decoder from the BER decoder
+ * add JMX manageability
+ * start to think about how this can be use in the ASN.1 compiler
+ * - ... (add your TODO !)
+Things in progress :
+ * describe the inner mechanism on wiki, explaining the choices
+ * start to think about PER
+ * write a tester that eat some XML and do the decode. (Being able to encode,
+   then decode and having the same result means that the codec works)
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