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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Directory Wiki] Update of "SpnegoCodec" by EmmanuelLecharny
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 06:28:10 GMT
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The following page has been changed by EmmanuelLecharny:

The comment on the change is:
Created this page from the ASN.1 page

New page:
= SPNEGO ASN.1 codec =

== Spnego ASN.1 State Automaton ==
The SPNEGO ASN.1 grammar seems very simple, but as there are a lot of optional elements, it
is not that simple to implement...

It is fully described in RFC 2478.

=== Spnego Grammar ===
Here is the SPNEGO grammar :


NegotiationToken ::= CHOICE {
    negTokenInit  [0]  NegTokenInit,
    negTokenTarg  [1]  NegTokenTarg 

NegTokenInit ::= SEQUENCE {
    mechTypes       [0] MechTypeList  OPTIONAL,
    reqFlags        [1] ContextFlags  OPTIONAL,
    mechToken       [2] OCTET STRING  OPTIONAL,
    mechListMIC     [3] OCTET STRING  OPTIONAL

NegTokenTarg ::= SEQUENCE {
    negResult      [0] ENUMERATED {
                            accept_completed    (0),
                            accept_incomplete   (1),
                            reject              (2) }          OPTIONAL,
    supportedMech  [1] MechType                                OPTIONAL,
    responseToken  [2] OCTET STRING                            OPTIONAL,
    mechListMIC    [3] OCTET STRING                            OPTIONAL

MechTypeList ::= SEQUENCE OF MechType


ContextFlags ::= BIT STRING {
        delegFlag       (0),
        mutualFlag      (1),
        replayFlag      (2),
        sequenceFlag    (3),
        anonFlag        (4),
        confFlag        (5),
        integFlag       (6)


=== Spnego state automaton ===

Here is the state automaton of this grammar :


We can see that the automaton is quite intricated. The following picture is a typical PDU
of the first part of this grammar : the '''Neg``Token``Init''' element :


Of course, as some elements are optional, this PDU could be very different. Here is another
PDU, where the '''req``Flags''' and the '''mech``List``MIC''' are missing :


=== Spnego used POJO's ===

We will store the result of a decoding in POJO's, where each constructed element is implemented
as a POJO.

==== Spnego Neg Token INIT POJO ====

Here is the class diagram that could be used to store a SPNEGO '''neg``Token``Init''' :


This is a little bit complicated, and some classes could be implemented as members. We just
have to aggregate the '''Length''' part of each POJO as members in the main POJO, to be able
to check the length while processing the decoding.

Here is the definitive class diagram :


==== Spnego Neg Token Targ POJO ====

This POJO is a little simpler, as there is no recursive element. 

The following schema shows a PDU where we can see the Length dependencies.


As we can see, we will have to keep a track of the expected length of following parts :

 * The negTokenArg length must be equal to the length of the negTokenTargSequence TLV
 * The negTokenTargSequence length must be equal to the sum of each included TLV
 * and so on...

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