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Subject svn commit: r125137 - /incubator/directory/apacheds/trunk/xdocs/users/building.xml /incubator/directory/apacheds/trunk/xdocs/users/plugin.xml
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 04:08:39 GMT
Author: akarasulu
Date: Thu Jan 13 20:08:37 2005
New Revision: 125137

old server- jar file references cleaned up

Modified: incubator/directory/apacheds/trunk/xdocs/users/building.xml
--- incubator/directory/apacheds/trunk/xdocs/users/building.xml	(original)
+++ incubator/directory/apacheds/trunk/xdocs/users/building.xml	Thu Jan 13 20:08:37 2005
@@ -25,12 +25,12 @@
         Once you've built the server you'll find an executable jar file under
-        the main/target directory labeled server-main-${version}.jar which can
+        the main/target directory labeled apacheds-main-${version}.jar which can
         be fired up like so:
-[akarasulu@newton trunk]$ java -jar main/target/server-main-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
+[akarasulu@newton trunk]$ java -jar main/target/apacheds-main-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
 server: using default properties ...
 server: standard ldap port 389 is not available, using 1024 instead
 server: started in 1368 milliseconds
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
-[akarasulu@newton trunk]$ java -jar main/target/server-main-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar main/
+[akarasulu@newton trunk]$ java -jar main/target/apacheds-main-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar main/
 server: loading properties from main/
 server: started in 1449 milliseconds
@@ -101,4 +101,4 @@
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: incubator/directory/apacheds/trunk/xdocs/users/plugin.xml
--- incubator/directory/apacheds/trunk/xdocs/users/plugin.xml	(original)
+++ incubator/directory/apacheds/trunk/xdocs/users/plugin.xml	Thu Jan 13 20:08:37 2005
@@ -192,15 +192,15 @@
 |_|  |_\__,_|\_/\___|_||_|  v. 1.0.2
 Attempting to download ldap-common-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
-Attempting to download server-shared-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
-Attempting to download server-protocol-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
+Attempting to download apacheds-shared-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
+Attempting to download apacheds-protocol-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
 Attempting to download snickers-codec-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
 Attempting to download ldap-snickers-provider-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
 Attempting to download snickers-ber-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
 Attempting to download seda-0.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
 Attempting to download maven-directory-plugin-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
 Attempting to download ldap-common-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
-Attempting to download server-shared-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
+Attempting to download apacheds-shared-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
@@ -229,7 +229,7 @@
         The example above is from the server's core project.  If you would like
         to look at how to use this plugin best the server core
-        <a href=""></a> file here
+        <a href=""></a>
file here
         is perhaps the best place to look. Also from the output above you can
         see the schema files that are used and packaged into the server by
         default.  This may however change in the future to restrict the set.

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