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Subject svn commit: rev 56202 - incubator/directory/eve/trunk/jndi-provider
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 04:48:58 GMT
Author: akarasulu
Date: Sun Oct 31 20:48:56 2004
New Revision: 56202

changing project settings

Modified: incubator/directory/eve/trunk/jndi-provider/project.xml
--- incubator/directory/eve/trunk/jndi-provider/project.xml	(original)
+++ incubator/directory/eve/trunk/jndi-provider/project.xml	Sun Oct 31 20:48:56 2004
@@ -2,20 +2,24 @@
-  <artifactId>eve-backend</artifactId>
+  <artifactId>eve-jndi-provider</artifactId>
-  <id>eve-backend</id>
-  <name>Eve's Backend Subsystem</name>
+  <id>eve-jndi-provider</id>
+  <name>Eve JNDI Provider</name>
-  <shortDescription>Eve's Backend Subsystem</shortDescription>
+  <shortDescription>The Eve JNDI (LDAP Namespace) Provider</shortDescription>
-      Eve's backend subsystem, providing a LDAP namespace based backing store
-      using JNDI as the access API.  This deliverable is a JNDI LDAP namespace
-      provider but it does not use the LDAP protocol to access and store 
-      entries.  Instead entries are stored within a custom database 
-      implementation on disk designed for fast reads and hierarchical data.
+      Eve's backend subsystem is a JNDI Provider for the LDAP namespace.  It is not
+      an LDAP provider in the sense the SUN JNDI LDAP provider is for example because
+      the Eve provider does not talk LDAP over the wire.  The Eve JNDI provider 
+      actually isn't even an LDAP client.  In fact the Eve provider is really a server
+      side subsystem.  It translates JNDI operations to backing store operations on the 
+      appropriate Eve database partition assigned to a naming context.  The net result 
+      is a JNDI LDAP namespace provider so please note the inclusion of the word 
+      'namespace'.  There is nothing going on here with respect to the LDAP protocol.  
+      All operations are local upon entries on disk or in memory.

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