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Subject svn commit: rev 53873 - incubator/directory/sandbox
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 16:11:08 GMT
Author: akarasulu
Date: Wed Oct  6 09:11:08 2004
New Revision: 53873

notes on deletes and how we do things here

Added: incubator/directory/sandbox/readme.txt
--- (empty file)
+++ incubator/directory/sandbox/readme.txt	Wed Oct  6 09:11:08 2004
@@ -0,0 +1,44 @@
+About Sandbox
+The sandbox is a place where experiments can be conducted traditionally with
+CVS where you don't want to muck up much of your directory structure.  This
+is not as much of a worry for SVN where branching is easy and we're not plagued
+by empty vestigial directories from deleted code.  
+However the sandbox is still a good place for a new idea outside of the realm
+of the existing projects.  It also is a good place for storing some old code 
+that can eventually be discarded.  
+Minimizing the Bloat
+We have a lot of old dead code it seems and it is adding some serious bloat 
+to the directory structure.  Check outs of directory are taking far too long.  
+Hence for the sandbox we propose the use of references into the repo to 
+deleted code which can be resusitated at will rather than holding the actual 
+code.  This way the bloat is minimized and we can always get back to the code.
+We can always fish through logs but it might be best to have something more 
+descriptive about the code that was deleted at 50,000 ft rather than in high
+detail.  We start tracking deleted code via references below with some 
+Deleted Code
+path: trunk/old-ldapd-code
+    The original LDAPd code base that was imported into subversion from CVS 
+    at
+path: trunk/newbackend
+    The first shot at making another new backend which has been refactored
+    several times since.  The code was never deleted.

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