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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: DN parsing troubles...
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2015 05:58:09 GMT
Le 08/10/15 20:27, Emmanuel Lécharny a écrit :
> One mor ething I forgot to mention...
> Escaping a space can be done in many ways :
> - '\ '
> - '\20'
> - '#20' (unlikely, but this is possible)
> All those three kind of escaped space must be handled, so that the space
> is kept after the prepareString processing.
There is something I'm not sure of : what is considered as an escaped
space. Currently, in the RFC, only '\ ' is, none of the other chars that
are translated to a space (and there are many !) will be considered as
escaped spaces.

If I interpret the RFC strictly, \20 ans #20 are not supposed to be
considered as escaped spaces. OTOH, would some of those representation
being seen in a String, this should probably be considered as a will to
see those chars being escaped and present after the normalization...
There are more chars that are going to be translated to a space :

0x09 to 0x0D will be tranlsated to 0x20, so is 0x85, 0xA0, 0x2000 to
0x200A, 0x2028 and 0x2029, 0x202F, 0x205F and 0x3000. That means any of
those chars will be removed if they are at the beginning or at the end
of the String, or if we have 2 contiguous chars that translate to a
space. And every hexpair like \09, \0A, \0B, \0C, \0D, \85, \A0 are
going to be seen as spaces, too.

At this point, I guess what is important is to be consistant. As soon as
we respect one form of escaped space (ie '\ ' only), and ignore all the
others, then operations like comparison of values, assuming they have
been both normalized the same way, should lead to the same result. The
only risk is that we may have some different values being compared and
resorting to an equality, when it should not. OTOH, we are talking about
use case that are very unlikely to happen... I'm not going to spend days
fixing corner cases that will probably never be faced in real life, when
we have more urgent bugs to fix ;-)

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