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From Christoph Engelbert <>
Subject Re: New buffer backend
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 09:06:05 GMT
Am 17.07.2013 10:51, schrieb Tommaso Teofili:
> 2013/7/17 Christoph Engelbert <>
>> Am 17.07.2013 09:23, schrieb Tommaso Teofili:
>>> Hi Cristoph,
>>> I had a second look and it looks ok from my side, just did you ever try
>> it
>>> within an OSGi environment? I think it'd be worth making sure it works
>>> there as we ship bundles.
>> Hi Tommaso
>> I use OSGi a lot and most of the code is already classloader aware
>> (at least for all the internals) and since the buffer backend does
>> not handle serialization and deserialization it should be not a big
>> problem to make it eventually working in OSGi (I just had not a test
>> yet). The buffer api is already build as a bundle and I just need to
>> make minor adjustments - I think.
> Ok, that's nice to hear, my doubt also comes from the fact that some jars
> are not OSGi ready and would need some hack to make the whole thing work (I
> am thinking especially to JNA).
> If you have time to make such tests than it'd be awesome, just to make sure
> we don't affect the whole cache usability (as directmemory-cache depends on
> the new backend).

We can make the dependency optional since the complete old backend
is still available and passes all the tests :-) Hope to get some
more time this weekend to finish some more things and a few OSGi
integration tests - for me OSGi compatibility is one of the most
important things. At least JNA should work in OSGi (not sure if this
was a special packaging but I made it working someday way back).

> Regards,
> Tommaso
>> Chris
>>> Regards,
>>> Tommaso
>>> 2013/7/15 Tommaso Teofili <>
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> regarding APIs I'm happy with suggested additions & improvements.
>>>> And also the new buffer backend looks nice, I just didn't have time to
>>>> have a deeper look at the code but it feels great.
>>>> I wonder if this could be used in an OSGi environment or such
>> dependencies
>>>> from local environment will make OSGi users less happy.
>>>> I'll try to have a second look later this week but it looks quite good,
>>>> thanks Christoph!
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Tommaso

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