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From Christoph Engelbert <>
Subject Re: Java Off-Heap Memory
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2013 19:19:38 GMT
Am 27.04.2013 19:58, schrieb serkan özal:
> Hi,I am currently running on Java Off-Heap Memory like your Apache Direct Memory.It doesn't
use extra seriazation/deserialization.It is implemented with direct memory access and some
java tricks. Here is GitHub wiki page: is the first
version of it and I will be publish second version of it with new features and bug fixes.If
you are interested in, maybe we can publish it under Apache Direct Memory.
> I am also running on overriding "new" operator like you.It is being implemented under
"jillegal-beans" subproject in my repository.It will replaces all "new" byte codes to my bean
factory class with Java Instrumentation API.Then I am thinking to integrate "jillegal-offheap"
and "jillegal-beans", so automatically all annoatated classescan be automatically allocated
from off-heap with a simple configuration like this
> @AwaredBean(beanFactory=OffHeapMemoryBeanFactory.class)public class SampleClass {   

Hi Serkan,

thanks for joining the mailing list. I'll take a look tomorrow at
your sourcecode, since I'm currently trying a new backend storage
engine it could be interesting to merge all those projects together.
I'm pretty sure that everybody has a best-effort code in some cases
and combined it can be great stuff, at least there are big
competitors like BigMemory or ElasticMemory :-)


> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Serkan ÖZAL

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