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From Christoph Engelbert <>
Subject Re: New backend storage system
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2013 07:00:21 GMT
Am 05.04.2013 08:17, schrieb Olivier Lamy:
> +1
> Yes experimentation is a good idea. As long as it's configurable and easy
> to go back on working implementations.
> @Chris you send an email if nobody complain just do it ! :-)
> We are volunteers so sometimes not enough time to work on the project.

I know it but just wanted to ask for others opinion :-) I'll try it
in a different branch / github fork.

> Onward!
> --
> Olivier
> On Apr 5, 2013 8:52 AM, "Raffaele P. Guidi" <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Chris, Sorry I didn't answer before, but I'm seriously lacking spare
>> time lately - too much daylight work and personal issues. Your idea is
>> intriguing, but honestly I didn't have a single moment to look into it.
>> Also, I have to say that I didn't receive too much feedback after I
>> released the unsafe based backend, so I guess we are also lacking overall
>> attention on alternative storage systems - or, maybe, on the whole project.
>> It's probably largely my fault, as I didn't invest too much attention
>> myself. In any case I believe a simpler approach could quite improve on
>> performance and maintanability. I'd say go on experimenting, and see what
>> comes up :)
>> Ciao,
>>     R
>> Il giorno 04/apr/2013 21:56, "Christoph Engelbert" <>
>> ha scritto:
>>> Is the DM development fallen asleep? Would be bad because it has the
>>> potential to be a good competitor to BigMemory or ElasticMemory.
>>> Chris
>>> Am 02.04.2013 21:30, schrieb Christoph Engelbert:
>>>> Hey guys,
>>>> some time ago I started a new small pooled (or unpooled),
>>>> partitioned storage implementation for using with ByteBuffer
>>>> (Direct, Heap) and Unsafe. It has different selection algorithms for
>>>> free partitions / slices (a partition buffer is sliced into smaller
>>>> parts). Currently there is a simple RoundRobin selector, one with
>>>> ThreadLocal allocation (very similar to the TLAB in the JVM) and one
>>>> which uses the id of the currently thread executing cpu core
>>>> (ProcessorLocal) which uses OS api (available on Windows / Linux).
>>>> It features a rich SPI to plug in your own selector / partition /
>>>> slice implementations so that many parts are easily extendable.
>>>> Maybe we could use some ideas or the storage engine as the backend
>>>> engine in DirectMemory.
>>>> But as always I'm happy about any comments or suggestions on the
>>>> implementation.
>>>> At the moment a lot of documentation / Javadoc is missing but maybe
>>>> someone will have a look into it.
>>>> Chris / Noc

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