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From Christoph Engelbert <>
Subject WAL Implementation
Date Sun, 24 Mar 2013 18:13:26 GMT
Hey guys,

after a few weeks heavily busy at work to bring our new game to open
beta I finally have some time to work on lovely opensource stuff
again :-)

Currently I'm implementing a generic WAL (Write Aheat Log / Journal)
implementation, in first place for the persistence system at our

We collect statements in a queue to be written in a background
thread to linearize database load.
The problem about this approach is if db servers are busy this queue
can take some time to be cleaned up and if the gameservers crash
before the queue is cleared (or at least the background persister is
killed - for whatever reason - yeah we had a bug where data weren't
written for about 4 days) player data are lost.

The new system forced all statements to be written to disk before
being enqueued so that journals can be replayed on gameserver
startup. I haven't found any ready to use implementation beside
implementations found in frameworks like Hadoop, databases (I guess
it was derby), hornetmq, etc and so I started my own implementation.
I'll try to make it as generic as possible to not force it to be
used for persistency (SQL Statements) only but even for maybe
journaling memory access (or whatever).

Do you guys think it could be interesting for DM to implement some
thing as WAL in some place? Or do you have other interesting ideas
what to do with it?

I'll look forward to hopefully an intensive discussion. Maybe
someone else has found a WAL implementation that could be used /
analysed :-)

Chris / Noc

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