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From Noctarius>
Subject Additional Serializer and raw Buffer access
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2012 12:40:31 GMT
Hey guys,

Raffaele found out about a project of mine (Lightning) a few weeks
ago. Lightning is a heavy Unsafe and Bytecode generation using
Serializer implementation. He told me that he was interested in
adding something similar to DirectMemory and I would be glad to help
out in this.

Another project I started a few days ago, since it was needed for
work is DirectRingCache. The name not really meets to actual
implementation since it's not yet a ring buffer using cache. I used
this for a pre-serialization simple bytestream cache with
self-growing buffers. It could be nice to have DirectMemory having
raw "buffers" to write to or to read from.

Here are the links from the projects:

It would be nice to help out since I really like the idea of
DirectMemory and since direct-ring-cache is some kind of reinventing
the wheel.

Noctarius (Chris)

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