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From Werner Keil <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSE] Release DeviceMap-data and other dependencies (with connection URL etc. fixed)
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2016 08:20:41 GMT

Whenever you had a chance to look at the repositories and folders
discussed, let us know.

After deploying snapshots already with Maven I gave
html#test-your-settings a go last night and it also works locally, so I
should be able to perform the next steps from my Windows box (AFAIK Reza
must have used the VM for that, if anything fails I may have to analyze his
profile but so far GPG etc. work automatically with my Apache key)

I plan to join the Portlets (JSR) call later today, and see, how they feel
about using DeviceMap for something like a "Reactive" (see
"Responsive" involves CSS/JavaScript, while "Reactive" web design takes
e.g. the device into consideration) portlet on top of Portlet/Pluto 3.



On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 2:08 PM, Werner Keil <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Answers inline
> On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 10:54 AM, Werner Keil <> wrote:
> >> ...Is the "exploded JAR" putting devicemap-data (in ways similar to
> >> which holds 3_x.html,
> >> 4_x.html, etc. for different versions) also OK...
> >I don't know what that means, please point to an svn tag indicating
> >exactly what you mean to release, or a tentative release archive.
> Basically it's devicemap-data, as in
> similar to what Reza made available on the VM:
> I don't expect the VM to be around after retirement (if everything is read-only, so would
be the accounts at least for "devicemap")
> thus it is unreasonable to expect above "devicemap-vm" URL to still work.
> Doing the same via
> (or 1.0.4 for the planned last release)
> should remain and is usable by all clients (.NET maybe by tweaking the config file)
> Karaf on its download page
> points to the mentioned HTML docs e.g. in this mirror:
> Technically there is no difference between Karaf's HTML "documentation",
> the seemingly P2 repository for Apache Sling and DeviceMap Data XML files being made
available in a "W3C Device Definition Repository" (DDR) instead of P2.
> Maven would only work for the Java Client and leave the .NET clients and console useless.
>  >> ...If not being able to vote on .NET means only Radu or myself could vote,
> >> guess it won't get the minimum number of PMC votes and we may have to leave
> >> them as "Patch" in trunk then?...
> >The DeviceMap code remains fully available if the project moves to
> >Attic, it's just read only. If people want to use it they can, at
> >their own risk, it's just not an official Apache release.
> >> ...The W3C DDR API was officially released, but there is a license missing.
> >> it that what you mean or prevents a release?..
> >Similar to the "exploded jar" thing, I need to see the code that you
> >mean to release to decide.
> The W3C DDR client is here
> With the w3c file under "lib" using a Maven plugin that uses it in the correct way while
> (dependency created on-the fly, all builds pass as do Snapshot deployments:
> Please have a look at the code/lib and snapshot build, to decide, whether or not you
could approve it or not?
> Thanks,
> Werner

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