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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject FYI I have unsubscribed Werner Keil form this list
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2015 09:18:30 GMT

I've had enough of Werner's noise, personal attacks and use of
people's names in a way that needlessly harms their reputation (like
today in the "Radu Cotescu is the new DeviceMap PMC chair" thread). We
already warned him twice against personal attacks, see the "Werner,
please stop the personal attacks IMMEDIATELY" thread started April 20
on this list.

All this is clearly against our code of conduct [1] so as a moderator
of this list I had to take action - I have now unsubscribed Werner.

He can still read this list via several public archive services like of course, and post as well
but that's subject to moderation now.

I intend to accept messages which are on-topic and do not contain
anything that's against [1] and ignore the rest.

Any attempt to resubscribe will only make Werner's case worse, except
if we first get a notice that he'll strictly comply with [1] from now
on, including staying on-topic and starting new threads for new

As a member of this PMC he's still subscribed to our private list
however, for now.

If there's a specific question for him people can also Cc him - sorry
that there's no simpler way to implement moderation of a single
address at the moment.



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