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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject DeviceMap board report draft
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2015 10:26:48 GMT

While technically Reza is still our PMC chair until replaced, I'll
take care of the board report which is due now for the board meeting
next Wednesday.
That's unless we hear from Reza about this very soon, which is not
likely based on his last "Goodbye" message.

The remaining PMC members will recommend a new PMC chair at that board
meeting as well, so Reza should be officially relieved of his PMC
chair duties next week.

Here's my suggested report draft, on-topic comments are welcome:

*** report draft ***
DeviceMap has reached the minimal viable number of PMC members with
only three of them remaining, after two PMC members, including the
current PMC chair, resigned this week based on seemingly unresolvable
difficulties between them and another PMC member [1] [2].

A resolution to establish a new chair is provided along with this report.

With this and very low activity in the project it looks like the Attic
might be the next step.

However, the PMC would like to give it some time before making a final
decision, in case something positive happens in the next few months.

The PMC will observe the project's activity and health for the next
three months and review the possible move to the Attic before our next
report is due for the board's November meeting based on what happens
until then.


*** report draft ***


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