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From Werner Keil <>
Subject Re: Goodbye
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 14:11:55 GMT

In the limited time everyone got (nobody, especially not the likes of
Bertrand or Radu) there has been constructive contribution here.
Volkan provided patches despite being busy with his academic career as he
told us. Stefan while not a core committer of DeviceMap as such helped with
some long overdue CI tasks assisted by Bertrand.

Your last visible activity in the SVN repo was over a year ago (e.g. 13+
months for C#)
Beside making sure, the W3C client passes its TCK, my focus is to help JSR
362 (Portlet 3.0) the device support it aims to provide. Whether this uses
"Reza's" 1.0 Java client, the W3C implementation or something else the EG
will find out and define as a team.

You showed a strong history of simply being Reza's echo or "minion", rather
than even getting the .NET clients to work anywhere other than maybe once
on your own PC.
It took my excursion to a series of .NET projects and the opportunity to
speak in Rome to fix that. So it finally works and people can use it like
the other clients.


On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 3:55 PM, eberhard speer jr. <>

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> Hi,
> Somehow we got from "How to handle Werner's continuing personal
> attacks?" and "I now have the strong impression that no one here wants
> to work with Werner given his current communication and work style" to
> the 'victim(s)' leaving and the 'attacker' de facto in control of
> DeviceMap to do 'his' OpenDDR thing.
> With Reza gone the path I voted for and supported is closed and I fear
> DeviceMap is in for more incessant name-dropping, side-swipes,
> drive-byes, "passive aggression" and mind-blowing tangents from Werner
> and very little real device-mapping.
> So, as much a it pains me, I too have to say goodbye DeviceMap.
> Regards,
> esjr
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