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From "eberhard speer jr." <>
Subject Re: Plans and activities for coming months
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 05:09:49 GMT
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some nuance maybe :
- - not much is being going on with the .Net client mainly because not
much needs to go there : no important functional changes
- - using the devicemap .Net version does not require Visual Studio



> Hi,
> As mentioned, I was invited to talk about DeviceMap at codemotion
> Rome, one of the largest developer conferences in the EMEA region
> (~30k+ attendees across 3-4 events each year, so that's up to 10k
> for some of them)
> Based on that W3C DDR Compatibility test in the repository we point
> to in our W3C related notice, I work on filling it with test data
> and arguments based on DeviceMap to see the results. The same test
> bed may be used on future W3C DDR implementations based on new data
> structures. The test isn't a simple JUnit like test, it requires
> tons of arguments that have to match, but I hope to have it running
> ideally no later than Rome. Once it can be executed at least
> manually (or if it's possible to automate it via Maven after every
> project build) there's no reason preventing an official release of
> the W3C artifacts, too. The test is pretty much a "TCK" provided by
> W3C similar to any Java JSR, so I want to run it before releasing
> the W3C implementation.
> There hasn't been much going on with the .NET clients lately, but I
> need to use a Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition now for other
> projects, thus I hope to get a closer look at it with this free
> tool (which should make it easier for people to use DeviceMap .NET
> without paying a huge subscription fee;-)
> ApacheCon Europe may start a CFP soon, the date has been confirmed
> and it'll be in Budapest again. As soon as we see it on the Apache
> mailing list, we could think about proposing something. I'd be in
> for that as I should be in Europe then, too.
> Regards,
> Werner

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