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From Werner Keil <>
Subject Re: Catching up
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2015 01:00:54 GMT

Thanks for  the input. For starters, it seems there is no "example" project
for the .NET (VB or C#) clients. Unless they are hidden within the actual
project, but there is no readme or howto other than what Bertrand once wrote

CLS (ISO/IEC 23271:2012) compliant .Net version of Device Map Java Client

Not sure, what the ISO reference means, is it something .NET specific?

So getting something running like in the /examples folder I maintained and
made usable for both the W3C implementation and the Java Classifier would
make it easier to see how to use it (and that it still works with the
current data;-)

If it's .NET-ish in the sence that you must have a commercial Microsoft
product to run, then it makes if of course a bit harder to build and run.
Do either of them work with a "Community" edition of Visual Studio?

There is a C# port of the W3C DDR client, but especially because of the
Visual Studio requirements I did not look into that myself (I worked a lot
with especially VB earlier, but I don't own a current VS license for such
Open Source activities) Unlike the W3C DDR implementation that is used
widely by large sites and commercial clients (OpenDDR or thanks to the
DeviceMap project they can easily migrate their solutions by just dropping
in the new W3C impl) and has also been mature and stable at  OpenDDR
already. The C# port was still at least Beta I'd say.
That is why I aim for a proper release of all artifacts in the active
DeviceMap trunk, If the classifier evolves and matures those using the
mature W3C solution now may consider moving to that. I also spoke to
several of the OpenDDR team members (2 or 3 also joined the initial PMC but
so far waited to see, how graduation goes) and they sounded interested to
contribute. As long as they find a healthy, diverse project, not a One Man
Show dictated by a single person.

Volkan also offered to help, not seen an official vote to get him on board,
but maybe his contributor agreement is still processed?

Even if you can't leave Greece so easily, we are happy to give a talk with
more polyglot aspects looking at .NET or JavaScript parts of DeviceMap
beside the Java ones at a conference with a strong Web and Mobile emphasis.
Also why showing anything live at such events is good. That only worked
with the Java projects under /examples so far.

If you have a chance maybe you could ask infra what types of Jenkins nodes
exist and if there are also dedicated .NET/Windows build servers? Of course
unless Microsoft as major Apache sponsor contributed such licenses, it may
require to run "Mono" or at least a product good to use for Open Source
purposes without a large commecial license.
Jenkins works with .NET but so far I only saw these nodes in companies and
corporate environments.


On Sat, Jan 3, 2015 at 1:16 AM, eberhard speer jr. <> wrote:

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> Hi.
> So, 2015...
> I've been -- still am -- extremely busy and judging from the mail
> piling in so have you.
> I haven't had a chance to review all those issues in detail, but :
> - - not sure what exactly would currently need "maintaining" on the .Net
> version, all the maintaining I see on the Java version strikes me as
> debates on Java 'orthodoxy'.
> - - on the other issues it looks like I swing mostly Reza's way -- that
> is, assuming the devil is not in the details, which I haven't read yet ;-)
> I think the most important 'maintenance', at least for now, is on the
> data side and I *will* set time aside to work on an accessible
> database UI because this "copy/paste" in JIRA which "is not a
> database" but just being used to store data like, well, a database,
> is...just not cricket.
> The only issue I see with that is it's .Net-ish-ness.
> esjr
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