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From Remo Meier <>
Subject Re: DeltaSpike Data - What application servers are supported?
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2017 08:49:05 GMT

We make use of a setup with Deltaspike with Weld, JBeret, RestEasy, 
narayana, jnpserver and hiberate. That gives many of the EE7 features 
(except EJBs, which we don't really need). It is a bit of an effort to 
setup. If there is any interest, maybe that could be contributed as a 
more advanced flavor of the deltaspike weld integration (a "deltaspike 
wildfly" resp. "deltaspike weld+) or something).

(should somebody be able to get an entire wildfly running in deltaspike, 
that would of course also be quite intresting. Not sure whether that is 
possible or not with their module architecture or wildfly swarm)

Regards Remo

Am 3/3/2017 um 9:38 AM schrieb Instantiation Exception:
> Hi,
> In my company projects we use WildFly. In the past I tried few times to use
> DeltaSpike Data, but it didn't work. I configured everything according to
> documentation. In pure CDI scenario it worked. But when I created
> @Dependent @Repository and injected it to @Stateless EJB I got some
> transaction errors when tried to call EJB methods. In documentation I see
> warning:
> Some containers do not support BeanManagedUserTransactionStrategy! As JTA
>> has still some portability issues even in Java EE 7, it might be required
>> that you implement your own TransactionStrategy. We will think about
>> providing an acceptable solution for this.
> Is it about WildFly? Is WildFly supported?
> Best regards,
> Konrad

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