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From "" <>
Subject Strange behaviour with @RunWith(CdiTestRunner.class)
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2016 10:53:19 GMT

I am running tests with the help of


I am using in this project :

- DeltaSpike 1.7.0

- OpenWebBeans 1.6.2.

(among a lot of other stuff as almost always in java)

The target container is Tomcat 8.5.6, but it does not seem important there.

I have no problem as long as I inject only beans from dependencies.

However, in my current project, I have one bean injecting another from 
the top level project and it fails.

So, I fired my debugger and noticed that :

- OWB uses a fake servlet context, as the servlet spec is detected ;

- classes from my war are not added, as this is a fake context and there 
is no war

- in AbstractMetaDataDiscovery. registerBeanArchives, there is no 
classpath containing my classes that is scanned for beans.xml, and so, 
my classes are never added.

I can, as a workaround, put my beans in a dependency... But is there 
something I can do to get it working there ?

Thanks in advance,



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