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From "" <>
Subject Re: Dynamic configuration
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2015 12:42:17 GMT
On 14/12/2015 15:14, Gerhard Petracek wrote:
> hi ludovic,
> great to hear that!
> you are very welcome to donate some hints or a full description (which we
> can add to our documentation).
Well, what I did is pretty much proprietary.
I periodically check a modification date, then trigger reconfiguration 
if needed.

If I may suggest one enhancement, anyway... I have, in my case, two 
kinds of configuration :
* Global, low level configuration, through config files, for things such 
as how to connect to the database.
* Higher level, sometimes user managed, configuration, stored in DB.

It would have been handy to be able to make a distinction between those 
low level config sources, which require pretty much nothing and those 
high level config sources, which, in my case, require CDI to be booted 
so that entity manger can be instantiated, injected and so on.

Thank you,



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