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From Gerhard Petracek <>
Subject Re: UserTransactionResolver in Tomcat
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2015 15:50:09 GMT
hi david,

i've created DELTASPIKE-986 for it.


2015-09-03 10:30 GMT+02:00 Gerhard Petracek <>:

> hi david,
> please create a jira-ticket for such an improvement and i'll fix it soon.
> regards,
> gerhard
> 2015-09-02 23:54 GMT+02:00 David Smalley <>:
>> Hello,
>> I am using the Deltaspike JPA module + WELD in a web app targeting Tomcat
>> (8). I have set up Atomikos Transaction Essentials to provide JTA
>> transactions, and all of that is working fine. I want to use Deltaspike
>> for
>> the @Transactional and @TransactionScoped annotations. After enabling the
>> BeanManagedTransactionStrategy, I received NameNotFound exceptions for
>> TransactionSynchronizationRegistry. Some quick research showed that
>> Atomikos implements JTA 1.0 which doesn't include the registry, and
>> initially I thought this was the problem, but actually, it isn't.
>> UserTransactionResolver declares a field @Resource UserTransaction
>> userTransaction. The code seems to assume the only thing which can go
>> wrong
>> with this is that injection fails and it might be null, but actually, in
>> Tomcat, it throws a NameNotFound JNDI exception when it is dynamically
>> instantiated in resolveUserTransaction(), and so its alternative lookup
>> logic is never called. resolveUserTransaction() catches this exception and
>> always returns null, which is interpreted as there being an active CMT,
>> which causes the lookup for the none-existent registry, but that is
>> already
>> wrong...there is no EJB and thus no CMT in a plain Tomcat environment.
>> I have been able to make this work by changing the code in one of two
>> ways:
>> either change the annotation to @Resource(mappedName =
>> "java:comp/UserTransaction") which causes the injection to succeed, or
>> remove it entirely, in which case the field is null, and the alternative
>> lookup logic is (successfully) invoked.
>> After either of these changes, the BeanManagedUserTransactionStrategy
>> works
>> correctly, and I have declarative JTA transactions with plain Tomcat +
>> Atomikos + Eclipselink. However, I don't want to build my own version of
>> Deltaspike for deployment.
>> I have worked around this problem by providing my own transaction strategy
>> which extends BeanManagedUserTransactionStrategy and overrides
>> resolveUserTransaction() like this:
>> public UserTransaction resolveUserTransaction() {
>>     UserTransaction userTransaction = super().resolveUserTransaction();
>>     if (userTransaction == null) {
>>         userTransaction = JNDIUtils.lookup("java:comp/UserTransaction",
>> UserTransaction.class);
>>     }
>>     return userTransaction;
>> }
>> It works, but it feels like a kludge. For what it is worth, the spec
>> recommends against assigning to injected fields, probably because you
>> usually get a proxy rather than a plain object. I think the use of
>> @Resource in UserTransactionResolver is dangerous, since it can throw an
>> exception during instantiation, which means handling the failure must
>> happen in the calling code. Because it is dynamically created in
>> resolveUserTransaction(), this is possible, but if you had injected it
>> directly into the strategy there would be no workaround other than
>> copying,
>> modifying, and renaming the source.
>> BTW, when I first found this, I tried to find a way to coerce the plain
>> @Resource annotation into working, either by mapping in web.xml, or trying
>> to provide my own implementation of WELD's ResourceInjectionServices spi,
>> but so far, I haven't been able to make it work. WELD's documentation on
>> replacing that spi seems to be incorrect, though that's not your problem.
>> I suppose my question is: is there some way in Deltaspike to cause the
>> @Resource annotation to have the mappedName attribute dynamically added? I
>> have already determined that the ProcessInjectionPoint event is never
>> fired
>> for @Resource fields (I tried to handle them in an extension); they are
>> deferred to the WELD service, which I have been unable to customize.
>> Dave

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