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From Mustafa Ergin <>
Subject Re: Deltaspike Configuration With Multiple Module Maven Projects
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2015 12:54:59 GMT
Hello again,

On second thought, I realized maybe I should explain what I am trying to achive from the beginning
and maybe you can understand it better.

I had a web application. Everything was inside this application. Its pom is attached to this

What I basically am trying to do is to split the project into two web applications and a core
jar that these web applications can depend on. The core project would contain common services,
repos and models. The web application would contain UI code and their specific models, services
…etc. All instances of these web applications would work on one master database so I thought
it is best that the core project and the two web applications would have their own persistence.xml

At first, I though the core project can be completely independent from its children, without
any mention of the child projects in parent pom and vice versa. I created a new maven project
with necessary core dependencies added. However I failed. 

Could not figure out why I failed, I tried making the core project a parent and two webapps
its modules. I failed again.

Lastly, I tried creating and empty parent project with core and the other two webapps as sibling
modules. I am still failing.

The exceptions I got indicate to maven configuration issues or deltaspike configuration issues.
Like class not found exception or repository not found exception ( deltaspike data ) …etc.

I am trying to create a mock version of the problem as you asked but since I do not know what
causes these exceptions, I can not mock them as well. 

Maybe If you can direct me to the right way of how this task should be done, generally at
least, I could figure out the rest on my own.

Thank you all for your help and patience,

Mustafa Ergin

> On 24 Aug 2015, at 20:37, Mark Struberg <> wrote:
> Hi and welcome!
> Do you have a sample project somewhere up so we can see what you did so far?
> Much easier to provide you with tips what went wrong that way ;)
> LieGrue,
> strub
>> Am 24.08.2015 um 08:32 schrieb Mustafa Ergin <>:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I am trying to create a project structure and configuration to run Deltaspike in
a multiple module project. Here is the aimed structure.
>> - Parent Project
>> - - Core Libraries Project ( Common Services, Repositories, Models …etc. ) 
>> - - Webapp One ( Depends on Core )
>> - -  Webapp Two ( Depends on Core )
>> We use maven, deltaspike, hibernate and JSF. 
>> I am not that savvy with maven. I could not get the dependency hierarchy in poms
>> Can anyone help me ?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Mustafa Ergin

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