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From "Markus Lachat" <>
Subject WindowClientMode shows white Loading... Page
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:39:10 GMT
I migrated from CODI and everything went fine so far. I am using TypeSafe Navigation and Navigation
Mode is set to redirect and viewParams is also included. So the application follows mostly
the Post-Redirect-Get Pattern (as far as I understood). 
However I am seeing the white intermediate page, displaying the loading... text. The documentation
states a HTML5 enabled browser caches the screen, css etc. to the localstorage and the flickering
effect would be gone.
I also tested the playground app, where I see the same effect. The main application runs on
Websphere and the playground testing app on TomEE.
Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?
Kind regards,

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