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From "" <>
Subject Re: Problem with servlet module
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2015 08:27:14 GMT
On 14/07/2015 10:14, Christian Kaltepoth wrote:
> Hey Ludovic,
> thanks a lot. To be honest, I don't fully understand Christopher's response
> to your question.
> The javadocs of ServletRequestListener say:
> Interface for receiving notification events about requests coming into and
>> going out of scope of a web application. A ServletRequest is defined as
>> coming into scope of a web application when it is about to enter the first
>> servlet or filter of the web application, and as going out of scope as it
>> exits the last servlet or the first filter in the chain.
> In my understanding this means that requestInitialized() is called only
> once for each "physical" request. Or at least that  requestDestroyed() is
> called _before_ requestInitialized() gets executed another time.
If I get it right, and supposing that the form page is my-webapp/login.xhtml
* there is really one "physical", user triggered request (by a web 
browser, curl, wget or whatever) ;
* when one requests any page other than login.xhtml without being 
already authenticated, Tomcat does NOT reply with a 302 or any other 
HTTP code, it internally forwards the request using forwardToLoginPage 

, line 246).

=> so :
* there are two "logical" requests in this case.
* the forward to login.xhtml is just some sort of "inner request", and 
its result will be sent as the first, "original" request result.

=> so so :
* two logical requests are processed at the same time
* it is normal that we are not notified of the deletion of the first 

I am curious on why they do not simply perform a HTTP redirect. I guess 
there must be something in a spec requesting it. My first move was to 
leave that alone, not having time to read related specs and wanting to 
spare Christopher Schultz time, but the question might be interesting to 
other people, so I will continue the discussion on Tomcat list;

> However, my commit should fix the problem. Looking forward to hear if it
> works for you.
I tested and, as expected, it works ! :-)

I would have tested before that we are re-binding the same "physical" 
request and would have logged an error if not. That might detect other 
strange cases. But I can leave without it. :-)

Thanks a lot. I look forward to 1.4.2 release.



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