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From Sean Flanigan <>
Subject JSF: dswid=tempWindowId for every duplicated tab in Chrome
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:15:20 GMT
(Warning: I'm very new to DeltaSpike!)

I am using ClientWindowRenderMode.CLIENTWINDOW and a JSF page with
<ds:windowId/>, and a ViewAccessScoped action bean which prints its
identity whenever its corresponding commandButton is clicked.

If I navigate via that button, or h:link, or <a href>, everything works
as I expect: the dswid is preserved, and the bean has the same identity
within the same browser tab.  And if I use middle-click to open a new
tab, each tab gets a new identity (new dswid) and a new instance of the

The problem happens when I use Chrome's "Duplicate Tab" feature.
Whenever I clone a tab that way, I get (after a redirect) a new tab with
dswid=tempWindowId, and each of these tabs is sharing the same instance
of my ViewAccessScoped bean.

How can I ensure that duplicated tabs get their own identity, instead of
sharing "tempWindowId"?



Sean Flanigan

Principal Software Engineer
Globalisation Tools Engineering
Red Hat

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