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From Ludovic Pénet <>
Subject Re: Extended EntityManager
Date Sun, 19 Apr 2015 19:02:22 GMT
Well, I experienced very often this kind of bug even with a simple filter implementing open
view scope pattern.

My (violent but efficient) fix was to lock on the hibernate session before passing the request
to the next layer.

So, I take Mark warning very seriously.

And, Mark, is there something preventing such undesired behaviour if I stick with the proposal
on DS JPA module page with a production of a @ViewAccessScoped EM ? Can I take for granted
that only one thread at a time will be allowed or would I better backpedal immediatly to @RequestScoped
(or toy with a filter to both lock and provide a ready for injection EM) ?


Le 19 avril 2015 17:24:08 UTC+02:00, Mark Struberg <> a écrit :
>Hi Dennis!
>> Have you *ever* hit this situation?
>Yes, under heavy load it happens pretty often actually (I’m talking
>about multi-million request/day public internet apps). It also depends
>a bit on the JPA container you use. From the pure spec it is forbitten
>to touch the EntityManager in parallel threads and also to touch
>managed (‚attached’) entities in parallel threads. What JPA container
>are you using?
>> Also, who programs a „sendRedirect" in the middle of a method that
>then performs database access ..?
>You don’t need to do database access even. It is enough that the
>entitymanager is not closed as per the spec.
>> Even so, this is pure theory, the chance are so tiny this happens…
>Then I had bad luck - quite often ;)
>> And If you think this *may* happen within one conversation, then
>change the way redirects are send, or the way database is accessed in
>parallel in Ajax requests. not the way EM is used IMHO
>That might be a solution. Or force the EM to get closed before the
>> Also your remark on „unfinished thread" is valid for ANY
>components/resources held in ConversationScope, not just the EM, true?
>Yes, but most components have no problems with getting accessed in
>parallel. For managed Entities and EntityManagers it’s explicitly
>forbidden by the JPA spec.

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