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From Ioan Eugen Stan <>
Subject Re: deltaspike data seoft delete or filter by current user
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2014 14:39:55 GMT
Hello Thomas,

Thanks for the input. It's very helpful. Right now I'm focusing on
making deltaspike data work in OSGi with pax-cdi [1].
After that I'll get back to this and see what I can pull off.



2014-08-18 16:49 GMT+03:00 Thomas Hug <>:
> Unfortunately this is - with the current state of the Data module - not
> straight forward to add:
> - You might consider using a provider-specific feature like Hibernate
> filters (EclipseLink and OpenJPA probably provide something similar). To
> activate the filter, it's currently not possible to use an interceptor on
> repositories (that's also why your @Transactional will not work as you
> expect) so you'd need a wrapping bean.
> - On the DS Data side, we might look into something similar as Seam 2 had
> with restrictions on query objects (
> Definitely less powerful than filters and probably also not universally
> usable (e.g. hardly on named queries and native SQL)
> - Something we should definitely add is a better SPI to hook into various
> areas of DS Data.
> A soft delete might be something we could add to the delete method of the
> EntityRepository. It's probably enough to provide an annotation which marks
> the filter field as well as the state it has to be set to.
> As usual, it would be great if you could create a JIRA ticket at
> to keep track of improvements :-)
> On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 1:13 AM, Stan Ioan Eugen <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm working on a web service which uses deltaspike data and cxf to
>> expose a jax-rs service. My service needs to show data based on the
>> current user and I would like to hear your opinion on what is the best
>> approach to do this with deltaspike data.
>> I have my repository defined like this:
>> @Repository
>> @Transactional
>> public interface InvoiceRepository extends EntityRepository<Invoice, ID> {
>> }
>> I wish that when user A calls the service, my repository should list
>> only invoices that  he owns. The Invoice entity has a owner field
>> (links to the account, and to the user)
>> What is the best approach that I should use? I'm using Shiro for
>> security. My idea so far is to make a custom EntityRepository
>> implementation that will get the current user and filer (don't know
>> exactly how yet) by it.
>> I've searched for a solution to Spring Data [1], but it seems they
>> haven't implemented it yet. Are there plans for Deltaspike Data to
>> support such a feature?
>> Regards,
>> [1]
>> --
>> Ioan Eugen Stan /

Ioan Eugen Stan
0720 898 747

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