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From Rainer Schön <>
Subject CDI problem with the @Specializes annotation in jsf module
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2014 17:24:51 GMT
Hi all,

When I subclass JsfModuleConfig and annotate it with @Specializes I get a JBoss Tools CDI
validator error, stating that my class does not qualify for specialization (Managed bean class
annotated @Specializes must directly extend the bean class of another managed bean [JSR-299
§3.1.4]). Firstly I thought, this is a validation bug, but the bean effectively is not installed,
when deployed. Finally I installed it by the @Alternative mechanism which does the trick.
But I still wonder why this @Specializes should not work in this case. Did anyone have had
a similar problem, using DS? I am using WELD as the CDI provider.

Thanks and regards

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