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From Christian Goetz <>
Subject Re: Internal Server Error with Deltaspike 0.6
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2014 22:19:48 GMT
Hi Thomas,

see attached a sample project, which causes the described error.

Basically any exception that is thrown is followed by an everlasting
Internal Server Error.
So in case of the example the EL in index.xhtml contains a method call
to a method that does not exist.
When the exception is thrown there is no coming back, the internal
server error is displayed on every page.

22:01:19,992 WARNING
(default task-5) No handlers found for exception
javax.el.MethodNotFoundException: Method get not found
22:01:19,993 ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default task-5) UT005023:
Exception handling request to /test/ui/index.jsf:
javax.el.MethodNotFoundException: Method get not found

I hope that helps finding the issue.


Thomas Andraschko wrote:
> Would be great if you could provide a sample, so i can test it.
> 2014-04-03 2:15 GMT+02:00 Moritz Bechler <>:
>> Hi,
>> haven't yet had the time to look at the fix in trunk, but this sounds
>> related to what I reported in
>> jira/browse/DELTASPIKE-557
>> The issue seems to be that the JSF implementation ExceptionHandler (e.g.
>> Myfaces' MyFacesExceptionHandlerWrapperImpl) may never mark the exception
>> as handled (depending on configuration) and the events are queued in an
>> application lifetime object, thus delivered on every subsequent request.
>> Christian, in Myfaces there is a context param org.apache.myfaces.ERROR_HANDLING
>> which ensures that the builtin exception handler will handle the events
>> (and worked for me as a workaround), you may look for something equivalent
>> in Mojarra (or just use a fake handler).
>>  Could you please create an issue and provide a simple example?
>>> It don't sounds like the fixed problem.
>>> 2014-04-02 18:19 GMT+02:00 Christian Goetz <mailinglists@christiangoetz.
>>> net>
>>> :
>>>  As a workaround I added an ExceptionHandler (I just found the
>>>> documentation here [1] ;) that catches FacesException and does nothing.
>>>> This prevents the recurring internal server error.
>>>> Is the behaviour without an ExceptionHandler already fixed in the trunk?
>>>> If yes, are there any nightly builds or do I have to compile from source
>>>> to test it?
>> Moritz
>> --
>> AgNO3 GmbH & Co. KG, Sitz Tübingen, Amtsgericht Stuttgart HRA 728731
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>> Metagesellschaft mbH, Sitz Tübingen, Amtsgericht Stuttgart HRB 744820,
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