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From "" <>
Subject Re: Problem with @ViewAccessScoped
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2014 07:45:13 GMT
On 12/03/2014 09:16, Gerhard Petracek wrote:
> hi ludovic,
> i've pushed the fallback for full state-saving.
> however, please provide the demo which illustrates the issue (it might 
> be an unexpected issue in myfaces-core).

I spent some time trying to prepare a simple demo, but could not 
duplicate the bug in a simple case. Sorry.

I suspect a issue related to injection of a SessionScoped bean in the 
ViewAccessScoped bean, but lack a simple example.

I (or my colleague Laurent cottereau) might come back soon with a maybe 
related issue, maybe on MyFaces list. We noticed a strange behaviour 
with @ViewAccessScoped beans.

It seems that, under some conditions, they are not properly 
instantiated/destroyed but rather recycled. Moreover, it seems that we 
do not access the "right" bean in @PostConstruct or @PreDestroy. In 
fact, it seems that we access a different instance of what should be the 
same bean when in a call of an EL expression and in 

We are working on preparing a test case and will come back to you.



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