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From Michael Mathers <>
Subject Request/Session Lifecycle Events and Glassfish 4/Arquillian
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 03:33:16 GMT
I can't seem to catch these events.  I am using DS core and the servlet
module (0.5) and everything else appears to be working fine.  The
configuration stuff with ProjectStage is great stuff!

I can inject all of the Sevlet objects provided by the DS Servlet module
but I cannot receive the events.

I created an Arquillian test which pushes over a @WebServlet and then runs
the test.  The Servlet is initialized by Glassfish and is then called by
the test via a URL GET and successfully returns a response.  The test gets
the response but the events are never called.

The web.xml specifies 3.1.  I tried adding all the listeners in anyway and
it completely blew up (already registered).  Any suggestions?

INFO: class: org.apache.deltaspike.servlet.impl.event.EventBridgeFilter
INFO: 20:07:57.079 [admin-listener(2)] INFO
 o.i.j.deltaspike.EventsITServlet - EventsITServlet servlet has been
INFO: Loading application [test] at [/collectortest]
INFO: test was successfully deployed in 2,643 milliseconds.
INFO: File /tmp/MIME2910438175498708242.tmp was not deleted
WARNING: The following warnings have been detected: WARNING: Parameter 1 of
type T from public void
is not resolvable to a concrete type.
WARNING: Parameter 1 of type
javax.enterprise.context.spi.CreationalContext<T> from public void
is not resolvable to a concrete type.

INFO: 20:07:58.082 [http-listener-1(3)] DEBUG
o.i.j.deltaspike.EventsITServlet - Responded!
INFO: 20:07:58.087 [http-listener-1(4)] DEBUG
org.ipd.jeetest.deltaspike.EventsIT - Returned Stream Line: EventsITServlet
INFO: 20:07:58.087 [http-listener-1(4)] DEBUG
org.ipd.jeetest.deltaspike.EventsIT - Events Observed: false, false, false,
false, false, false

public void onCreate(@Observes @Initialized HttpSession session) {
logger.debug("Session created: " + session.getId());
public void onDestroy(@Observes @Destroyed HttpSession session) {
logger.debug("Session destroyed: " + session.getId());
public void onRequestCreate(@Observes @Initialized HttpServletRequest
request) {
logger.debug("Request created: " + request.getRequestURI());
public void onRequestDestroy(@Observes @Destroyed HttpServletRequest
request) {
logger.debug("Request destroyed: " + request.getRequestURI());
public void onResponseCreate(@Observes @Initialized HttpServletResponse
response) {
logger.debug("Response created: ");
public void onResponseDestroy(@Observes @Destroyed HttpServletResponse
response) {
logger.debug("Response destroyed: ");

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