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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: Project Stage in JSF and DeltaSpike - 2nd
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 12:09:33 GMT


The JSF spec does not really define environment properties for defining the ProjectStage.
As per the JSF spec (parts are only documented in the API!) there are only the following 2
ways to define the JSF ProjectStage:
* JNDI java:comp/env/jsf/ProjectStage
* web.xml servlet param javax.faces.PROJECT_STAGE

Apache MyFaces does also pick up the ProjectStage from the environment via '-Dfaces.PROJECT_STAGE=..'
and via JNDI. See [1] for more info.
I'm not sure whether Mojarra picks up those settings as well.

The configuration which gets picked up in DeltaSpike itself is:

* all ConfigResolver locations (JNDI + env + system + deltaspike properties, + custom ConfigResolvers)

Currently only the following configuration gets picked up
* org.apache.deltaspike.ProjectStage

I'm not sure if we already have a JIRA issue for it, but the plan is to 'extend' this behaviour
within the ds-jsf-impl to also pick up the JSF locations (except web.xml I'd say). I bet there
is some hacking needed on the core-impl to allow for this to happen. 
Any opinions?



> From: Rainer Schön <>
>Sent: Thursday, 21 November 2013, 11:42
>Subject: Project Stage in JSF and DeltaSpike - 2nd
>As a follower of the DRY principle, I would like to support Harald Wellmann's post of
October 10th, to which there was no answer:
>Is there an easy way to propagate the JSF project stage into
>DeltaSpike, or vice versa?
>Any idea is appreciated.
>Thanks and regards, Rainer

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