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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] DeltaSpike is now an Apache Top Level Project
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2013 06:37:17 GMT
Dear Lords and Ladies!

From yesterdays ASF board report
> The following resolutions were passed unaminously: 

> D. Establish the Apache DeltaSpike Project (Mark Struberg, VP)

Congratulations to all of you and thanks for the input and hard work!

What does this mean for DeltaSpike and the community?

We are now basically mature as community and on our own feet. From a Project API point of
view there is not yet a substantial change. All versions below 1.0 are still subject to API
changes, but - as usual - we will take care to hold those as minimal as possible!
We will need to establish rules for deprecation and maintenance releases once we reach 1.0,
but that's a standard thingy.

We will now move on with the LP transition and put some more pressure on releasing more often.
I hope we get the 0.4 release done this month even!

By becoming a TLP we now also have a PMC (Project Management Council) which form the initial
committers (see the graduation proposal).
If you're not on this list then you are still more than welcome to provide patches and feedback!
The standard contribution rules for ASF projects apply and maybe you even get invited to become
a committer soon!

As for the PMC-Chair (VP, DeltaSpike):
The voice of the PMC-Chair of a project has no more value than any other PMC member! This
role is just the official speaker and the despot if it comes to doing all the paper work ;)

I'd suggest to establish the same internal rules which already work fine in a few other ASF
projects I'm serving. Means to annually re-vote the PMC-chair inside the PMC.

txs and LieGrue,

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