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From titou10 titou10 <>
Subject Re: DeltaSpike roadmap? + "can we help" ?
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 13:54:19 GMT
Thx Gerhard for the information

About the feedback, what we need ASAP to start with DS is (Maybe
solutions are exist already e):
- in the JPA module, when using the @Transactional annotation, a way
to trigger a rollback without throwing an exception. Similar to
ejbCtxt.setRollbacklOnly(). Maybe use an injectable CDI component in
the @TransactionScope named TransactionContext (=ejb context) with a
setRollbackOnly method?
- in the JSF module:
  - an equivalent of Seam 2 "workspaces": CODI "Window" scope seems to
be OK for this one
  - enhanced conversation scope "a la CODI" (parallel, multiple etc.)
  - CDI equivalent of all the JSF scopes: almost seem to be there
  - an equivalent of the Seam 2 "Page Scope", usable on classes and
also on producers (the CDIfied JSF ViewScope can not be used on
producers..). Not sure that CODI "ViewAccessScope" is equivalent to
this has it can span multiple views. Seam 2 Page scope is associated
with a "view" an has the same lifecycle. We use it a lot (eg to keep
references tables with data selectable on drop-down list on the page)
  - an CDI component equivalent of Seam 2 "FacesMessage" used to
display messages on the same or on the next page after a redirect (eg.
confirmation messages) and has methods like fm.addToControl(),
fm.addFromResourceBundle(severity,key from jsf res bundle) etc.

Would be glad to help on this if needed

About the existing modules:
- the security module is something we will not use. I've developed
some component to integrate our CDI apps with Apache Shiro. We don't
use fine grained permissions, only role permissions and CDIfied Shiro
"Subject" and a standard way to define a custom realm.
- we will not use typesafe navigation as we prefer to use string base
constants for oucomes (won't argue on this
- not sure about the "Config" thing. Not clear at all what it is from
the WiKi and why we would need this

About the examples, what kind of examples would you like given the
current state of DS?

About the content of the Wiki and the documentation, IIMHO it is very
difficult for external people to contribute now, given that things are
moving and are the code and concepts still being discussed (JSF scopes


2013/2/11 Gerhard Petracek <>:
> hi denis,
> there is no fixed roadmap.
> several real-world projects use ds v0.3 in production.
> (it's possible that the api changes until v1.0, however, currently it looks
> pretty stable.)
> some missing parts of the jsf module depend on the scopes we are going to
> add.
> you are very welcome to join the effort at any time (see [1]).
> what we really need a lot is e.g. more feedback (esp. before v1), examples
> and new/updated content for our site [2].
> regards,
> gerhard
> [1]
> [2]
> 2013/2/11 titou10 titou10 <>
>> Hi,
>> Q: is there a roadmap somewhere that describe the next milestones for
>> DeltaSpike?
>> We are about to start a new project based on our new dev stack based
>> on JSF 2.0/CDI/WebSphere v8.5 + DS (and CODI in the meantime). Our
>> previosu stack is based on Seam 2/JSF 1.2/WAS v7.0
>> I know that the answer is probably "it will be available when it will
>> be ready"... but we would know when we can expect DS to be at least in
>> a beta state, at least for the JPA and JSF modules.
>> Also is it possible at this time to participate to the development of
>> DS in order to maybe acceleerate the development if needed or is the
>> project still in a state that does not accommodate extra commiters?
>> What are the needs for the project in this area?
>> Thx.
>> Denis Forveille aka titou10

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