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From Adrian Gonzalez <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] roadmap for deltaspike-0.4-incubating
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2012 09:30:23 GMT

Very good news for the JSF module !

Is there somewhere the list of expected features for the JSF module ?

Here's a list of features that I would personnally use as a JSF developer in my day to day
work (ranking from most used to least used).

If this list doesn't have any sense to you, please just drop the mail ;)

* s:viewAction
 For those not having JSF 2.2
* UIInputContainer
* Exception
  JSF ExceptionHandler for DS Exception (c.f. Seam Faces Module)
* ProjectStage
  Automatically bind to JSF projectStage
* Locale and MessageResolver 
 Automatically bind to JSF locale and message.
* Scopes (CODI ViewAccess, CODI Conversation, ...)
* Security
  authentication, El to handle authorization / permission
 something like #{s:hasRole('admin')}, #{identify.login}
 see JSF scenarii in
* Theme handling
* Seam Application Framework
  Or something similar / simple to use and understand. regards,

Best regards,
De : Mark Struberg <>
À : deltaspike <> 
Envoyé le : Vendredi 24 août 2012 10h35
Objet : [DISCUSS] roadmap for deltaspike-0.4-incubating

Hi folks!

It's time to start working on ds-0.4-incubating.

Here is my personal list of things I like to work on:

* review/cleanup our JPA module
* review ConfigurableDataSource in hindsight of JPA in EE6
* add JSF module
* migrate over @ViewScoped
* add ComparableQualifier to the core

I'd like to start with adding the @ViewScoped stuff (as I wrote the original parts for both
codi and seam3), the ComparableQualifier and later on do the JPA cleanup.

What do others like to work on?

What timeframe do we set for 0.4-incubating?


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