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From Pete Muir <>
Subject Re: [suggestion] - DeltaSpike look'n'feel
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 12:47:59 GMT

On 4 Jul 2012, at 08:09, Charles Moulliard wrote:

> Hi,
> Yesterday night, a interesting and vibrant discussion took place on IRC
> channel about new look'n'feel of DeltaSpike. As we are human, with different
> colors perceptions and different tastes, I have find the time this morning
> to compile some projects and ask you your opinion about which one you prefer
> and that we could adopt to prepare a model/mock-up for DeltaSpike.
> Camel :  - []
> Play :  - []
> MongDB :  - []
> Accumulo:  - []
> Wookie :
>  - []
> River :  - []
> OpenEJB :  - []
> Lucene :  - []
> Libcloud :  - []
> Esme:  - []
> Chemistry:  - []
> Cassandra :  - []

The order I like them, one I like the least at the bottom:

TomEE (Great, it tells me what it is, I've got a video to look at really quickly, it gives
me a call to action, it leads me into getting started, it's got news, there aren't too many
things to do)
Cassandra (This is great, it's got a clear thing for me to do (download), tells me what Cassandra
is, and I can easily choose where to go next)
MongoDB (This is pretty good, they've kept the information quite relevant on the front page
with features, events, case studies, only criticism is they have 4 calls to action)
ESME (This is a nice clean site. Not too many links, it tells me what it is. There is a (slightly
hidden) call to action. There is no updates about what is going on. I can easily find how
to get started and get involved).
Lucene (This is pretty good, it tells me what Lucene is, it gives a me a call to action, it
has some news (with dates!). However it's muddled by being about multiple projects, and therefore
multiple CTAs. I couldn't see how to get started)
Play (this is a bit cluttered, too much going on)
Libcloud (this has the right info (references, what is it, how to get started), but's its
not where I expect it, which is confusing. The vendor logos distract me. There is no obvious
call to action). Design is a bit in your face)
Chemistry (This has some of the right info - it tells me what it is but there is no call to
action, I can't see where to get started, there are too many logos (apache + CMIS + Chemistry).
It does have project news, with dates, design feels a bit cobbled together)
Camel (this is ok, it took me a while to find the call to action, and it's not obvious (a
shrinkwrapped box doesn't shout DOWNLOAD), there are generally too many options, it looks
very old school)
Wookie (no call to action, no info on what's going on, I can easily find where to start though)
Accumulo (no call to action, no info on what is going on (e.g. events), very boring theme,
i'm not sure how I would get started)
River (no call to action, no info on what it is, too many links, very boring theme, but does
have some updating content - but no dates, which really negates the purpose of it)

> Beside the look'n'feel, there are also importants questions like :
> A) Number of columns for the body  
> - 3 columns with left TOC, body in the middel and Search/Twitter/News on the
> right () []
> - 2 columns with left TOC, body on the right (accumulo, wookie, esme) []
> - 2 columns with right TOC, body on the left (camel, river) []
> - 1 column (like OpenEjb, Cassandra or Play) []

I like starting with 1 column, and then having more underneath. Navigation on the top, rather
in the body, works well for me.

> B) Theme to be chosen
> - [],
> - []
> C) Adoption of CSS3 Grid System or not
> - []
> - []
> - No Grid System [] 
> (After checking some incubators Apache web site, it appears that nobody uses
> GS) 

I would use bootstrap, and create our own design.

Here are a couple of bootstrap based sites we did that we did the design for:

and as a result, don't really look like bootstrap.

> What else, a tea or a coffee and take the time to surf on the Net to figure
> out what Deltaspike WebSite should looks like and next add a cross mark in
> the [] of this email.
> Regards,
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