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From Marius Bogoevici <>
Subject [DISCUSS] deltaspike-spring in v0.4 ?
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2012 19:20:35 GMT

I know that it is a final the final stretch for 0.3 so all the energy is 
flowing in that direction, however, as a 0.4 release is brewing, I think 
it is a good moment to discuss whether a Spring bridge should be 
included in the 0.4 release. I believe that such a module should be 
included now, based on the fact that Java EE 6 is gaining momentum, and 
a number of developers I recently encountered have asked about ways to 
reuse their existing Spring codebase with the newly available features 
in Java EE 6. It is possible to direct people to Seam Spring and such, 
however it is clear from the start that those libraries will need to be 
replaced soon.

So, I'd like to start a more in-depth discussion about features and 
design. An early glimpse is on the wiki page, but 
that is mostly providing a frame of refernence.

I plan to start the discussion over the weekend, or as early as possible 
next week, but IMO for it to make sense the first step is clarifying 
that such a module could potentially be included on the 0.4 roadmap 
(knowing that the roadmap for 0.4 is yet to be defined). As I said, from 
my point of view this is a critically important item, and can be 
addressed now, given how the general-purpose facilities of DeltaSpike 
are in place.



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