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From Marius Bogoevici <>
Subject Re: Sandbox for DeltaSpike
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2012 18:02:42 GMT
I think it is a good idea. Discussions can and should take place, but 
IMO an opend sandbox would be a good place to stage code for new 
features without endangering the stability of the whole project.

On 12-06-26 3:39 PM, Jason Porter wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> I wanted to bring up the idea of having a sandbox to add bits and other
> non-core extensions. We have a great bunch of people from the
> Seam development group looking to add their extensions, but they're either
> not on the roadmap for DS, or are very far down. I suggest we setup a
> sandbox on github people can write to, or at least do pull requests to so
> we can get some of these modules and other ideas in and pull them into core
> as we get there. We can also use this as a vetting ground for new ideas and
> other things which may not exactly fit into core, like the forge extension.
> To do this we need to
> 1. Setup the repo somewhere
> 2. Seed it with a basic structure (pom.xml, contribution instructions, etc)
> 3. Get some CI setup somewhere (we could leverage OpenShift for this if
> needed)
> What does everyone else think? I've cc'd the Seam Development list here
> hoping to get some feedback from them as well and hopefully rekindle some
> of the fire we had there.

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