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From Boleslaw Dawidowicz <>
Subject Re: Sandbox for DeltaSpike
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2012 09:33:34 GMT

so late introduction from myself :) 

I live in Poland - Warsaw area - and work remotely from there. On the professional side since
quite a few years focused on JEE portals. Currently I'm the GateIn Portal Project Lead [0]
and Platform Architect of corresponding RedHat product offering [1]. Previously I was also
working on PicketLink IDM component [3] which we use internally in portal but is more in maintenance
mode currently. 

I'm interested mainly in the security and identity part as we are seriously looking forward
to build on top of DeltaSpike in the future in those domains. There is also my colleague from
portal team here - Marek Posolda who already participated in some discussions on this list
and cooperated with me and Shane to build the security use cases [3]. He is also interested
in contributing in this area and should be able to invest his time to help with implementation.
But maybe I'll let him speak for himself :) 

To be honest i'm quite new to how things work in Apache projects and eager to learn how the
cooperation should flow between us. I was actually about to start looking at providing simple
JPA implementation of IDM IdentityStore [4] so it is a valid question for me where such work
should happen. As at the moment it is still only part of prototyping work that Shane is doing
and not officially pushed to DS repo. 

If I'm not mistaken there are at least 4 different threads related to security that were started
on this list while ago but died without resolution. I understand and agree that things should
be discussed piece by piece to avoid unnecessary noise and keep things in order. However maybe
for such huge domain it is better to first have basic agreement in direction (which I believe
already happen) and then cook some initial consistent proposal to discuss at once - which
is what Shane is doing now. Security part is so broad and also probably not so fancy to everyone
around that it is both hard to decouple separate non related parts to discuss in vacuum and
have such fragmented discussion flowing without bigger parts of prototype code to get feedback
about. Still like I mentioned before I'm quite used to very different way of cooperation in
open source projects so I'm eager to hear from most experienced guys here how things should


On Jun 28, 2012, at 6:35 PM, Mark Struberg wrote:

> Oh yea, that was my fault. I was on a conference earlier that week and overlooked his
mail. Found it now. 
> Shane, what is the direction you working on? What are the basic ideas and what shortcomings
did you identify while doing the review?
> I'm not sure if it wouldn't be better we would make that work directly in the deltaspike
main repo. There are lots of other people looking at the repo and we got many questions regarding
security already. And not being able to point people to a canonical repo which contains the
latest stuff...
> Btw, welcome Bolek! We've talked on IRC already a few times. Would be great if you could
introduce yourself with a few words and also if we move the technical discussions from IRC
more to email. This is much easier to follow for people in different timezones. And it will
also raise visibility and make people aware that there is a new face working on DeltaSpike
> There is a general ASF rule "If it isn't on the list, it didn't happen". 
> Using IRC or even skype calls is fine for _additional_ ad hoc communication, but it must
not lead to 'silently' doing things without having conversation on the list. IRC is just not
a mail archive which can get scanned easily. 
> txs and LieGrue,
> strub
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>> From: Jason Porter <>
>> To:; Mark Struberg <>
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>> Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 6:20 PM
>> Subject: Re: Sandbox for DeltaSpike
>> On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 6:06 AM, Mark Struberg <> wrote:
>>> But if we don't talk about that stuff at all, then there will be no
>>> visibility and no progress neither.
>>> There is really no problem with spreading out parallel topics, IF there
>>> are people interested in contributing.
>>> What I do _not_ like to have is starting with 15 different topics and not
>>> finishing anything!
>>> Btw, what is the state of deltaspike-security?
>>> I have no clue about it nor did I do any review. I've also not seen any
>>> commit lately.
>>> Who is working on that? Or is noone working on it at all?
>> I believe Shane has been working on it apparently, but there hasn't been
>> much discussion.
>>>   LieGrue,
>>> strub

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