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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: DELTASPIKE-151 Provide lookup method with Map result
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 15:05:58 GMT
>From my perspective in the peanut gallery, it would seem that
providing mechanisms for not-necessarily-CDI-aware libraries to bridge
to CDI is as much a part of deltaspike's declared scope as e.g.
providing a Spring bridge.


2012/4/10 Ɓukasz Dywicki <>:
> Hi all,
> I would like to start discussion as sugested by Gerhard in his comment for my issue.
> I created an issue to include a new method in BeanProvider class. Purpose of method is
to find all named references and return them in Map where key is name and value is bean instance.
Just to give short introduction to Camel - it is mediation library which allows to create
complex integration logic with various DSL variants. With Camel you can do transformations,
evaluate different kind of expressions and so on. I think it is also worth to note that Camel
supports multiple Dependency Injection containers - starting from Spring and Guice up to Blueprint
(OSGi specific). My goal is to provide same level of support for CDI as Camel have for Spring.
For example Camel allows to inject Interceptors, error handlers and so on. To find these elements
Camel scans beans registry (which is customizable through SPI) for all named references and
use them.
> Most of you can identify the issue and path as Camel specific but I belive it is not.
This method can be requested by any other project. We just started to integrate our component
with deltaspike before others. From proposal I know that your goal is to create "industry
standard" set of extensions for CDI. Previous version of camel-cdi had own BeanManagerProvider,
BeanProvider classes, own AnyLiteral class and so on. I've found similar classes in your codebase
so I wanted to use code written by you to simply avoid duplication between various Apache
repos. Only one part which was missing in Deltaspike is named lookup result, which is not
big deal to write and maintain. There is no external dependencies necessary to implement this
method and it can be implemented on top of current BeanProvider API.
> I think that cooperation with other projects can bring lots of benefits for deltaspike
community with no cost from your side.
> Best regards,
> Lukasz

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