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From Adrian Gonzalez <>
Subject Easy configuration externalization
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 10:35:15 GMT

I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to add this ConfigSource to DS :
 * ConfigSource retrieving property file location from JNDI (i.e. java:comp/env/ApacheDeltaspikeConfigLocation)
   Or perhaps java:module/env, or java:app/env [1]
   With initOrdinal 99 ? (before PropertyFileConfigSource)

Motivation :
None of the out of the box enables 'easily' to externalize all the configuration from the
application, see [2] - at least I didn't figured it.


[1] java:comp/env, java:module/env or java:app/env
For webapps, java:comp/env can be used I think [3].
For ear (with EJB components), java:comp/env can get messy I think.
So perhaps it should search from java:comp/env, java:module/env and java:app/env in this order
until it finds one.

[2] Comparison of Deltaspike's ConfigSource :
 * SystemPropertyConfigSource : 
   pros :
    * enables conf externalization.
   cons :
    * difficult to configure when app has many config properties.
    * difficult to configure for appserver with multiple applications on it.
 * EnvironmentPropertyConfigSource : 
   pros /cons :
    * same as SystemPropertyConfigSource
 * LocalJndiConfigSource :
   pros :
    * enables conf externalization.
   cons :
    * if java:comp/env is used : web.xml clutering when app has many config properties.
    * if not, difficult to use for many properties (at least on websphere, it's several
clicks in order to add a single property).
 * PropertyFileConfigSource : 
   pros :
    * simple to use
   cons :
    * configuration inside the app (need to redeploy the app when conf is changed - or we
need to configure an application classloader to add an external path to the app).

[3] quote from EE.5.2.2Application Component Environment Namespaces (
For historical reasons, the java:comp namespace is shared by all components in a web module.
To preserve compatibility, 
this specification doesn’t change that. In a web module, java:comp refers to the same namespace
as java:module. 
It is recommended that resources in a web module that are intended to be shared by more than
one component be declared in the java:module/env namespace.         

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