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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject The IT test explained
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2012 09:13:18 GMT

Gerhard and I yesterday night did some changes to the testing environment. 
Since I'll be on holidays this week I like to quickly explain how it works (or at least is
intended to work):

1.) core/impl/src/test/java will be compiled and tested
  1.a.) the core tests will be packaged to a jar and treated as 'attached artifact'. Thus
you'll get a file

2.) before running the integration-tests, 
  2.a.) the tests from core have been added as dependency and all the **/*Test.class classes
will get extracted to

  2.b.) There is now a 2nd surefire <execution> which picks up those tests via

I already deleted a few of our duplicated tests, but I'm sure there is yet more to do...


I'm almost sure I broke a few container tests because we still figure how we can set the ProjectStage
on any remote Arquillian container.

Aslak, is there a way to programmatically 'deploy' a JNDI entry or system property to the
remote container under test?

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