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From Pete Muir <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] modules and basic tasks for deltaspike v0.2
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 10:46:36 GMT

On 30 Jan 2012, at 01:01, Shane Bryzak wrote:

> On 27/01/12 16:55, Gerhard Petracek wrote:
>> hi @ all,
>> (i planned to send this mail after starting the release procedure for v0.1.
>> however, the review phase for v0.1 is going to end soon and we have seen
>> several other discussions already.)
>> imo with v0.2 we should start working on multiple modules in parallel.
>> e.g.:
>>  - security (that's also one of the few parts of myfaces codi-core we
>> haven't discussed so far)
> I'd like to open a discussion on the security requirements in the next few days, both
myself and Bolek Dawidowicz (another Red Hat employee who wrote the PicketLink IDM module)
plan to develop a new CDI-based security solution based on Seam Security and PicketLink IDM,
and I think the DeltaSpike umbrella would be the perfect place to do this.  We are just waiting
to get internal clearance on this before we can proceed, which should hopefully happen by
the middle of this week.

Note that "based on Seam Security and PicketLink IDM" does not mean "using PicketLink IDM
and Seam Security as libs" but rather "inspired by previous work on …" :-)

I know that Dan has been looking at Shiro, and that CODI has some good security extensions,
so I think we could be well placed!

>>  - jpa
>>  - (core - further features, refactorings, ...)
>> imo: since we agreed on "release early and often", it should be enough for
>> the next ~6 weeks.
>> furthermore, we can check the legal aspects concerning the upcoming
>> donations before starting technical discussions about those
>> modules/features (e.g. the spring-cdi integration module).
>> regards,
>> gerhard

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