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From Antoine Sabot-Durand <>
Subject [DISCUSS][DELTASPIKE-14] "Generic Beans"
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2011 16:04:36 GMT
fyi: please check [1] before you answer.

[2] provides a short introduction as well as the basic usage.
[3] provides documentation of the feature

the basic concept:

We're talking about Generic Beans feature by Solder at [2] and documented at [3]
The use cases for this feature are not very clear and documentation lack details and seems
Yet Generic Beans could be a useful feature in some cases.

please send
+1, +0 or -1 because...
for the basic idea
if there are >basic< objections, please also add them to [4]

If we like the idea we'll probably need to update Javadoc and documentation and as it's an
high level feature
write down real examples where Generic Bean could be useful.


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