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Subject svn commit: r1500454 - /deltaspike/site/trunk/content/jsf.mdtext
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2013 15:36:16 GMT
Author: gpetracek
Date: Sun Jul  7 15:36:15 2013
New Revision: 1500454

updated content


Modified: deltaspike/site/trunk/content/jsf.mdtext
--- deltaspike/site/trunk/content/jsf.mdtext (original)
+++ deltaspike/site/trunk/content/jsf.mdtext Sun Jul  7 15:36:15 2013
@@ -684,6 +684,46 @@ Via a `TargetViewConfigProvider` it's po
 ## View-Config SPI
+### ConfigDescriptorValidator
+Allows to validate the final view-config descriptors before they get deployed.
+Since the config-descriptor contains e.g. the final path, it's also possible to validate
if the corresponding file exists.
+Use `ViewConfigRoot` to configure 1-n validators.
+### ConfigNodeConverter
+Allows to provide custom strategies to process the nodes of the built config-tree.
+Use `ViewConfigRoot` to configure a custom converter.
+### ConfigPreProcessor
+Allows to change the found meta-data (e.g. replace default values, callbacks,...) or the
`ViewConfigNode` itself.
+### InlineMetaDataTransformer
+Allows to transform an annotation annotated with @InlineViewMetaData to an annotation annotated
with @ViewMetaData.
+This transformer is optional and only needed if it should result in the same at runtime,
but the inline-meta-data needs a different syntax via a different annotation (compared to
the view-config meta-data).
+See e.g. `@ViewRef` vs. `@ViewControllerRef`.
+### TargetViewConfigProvider
+Allows to provide a custom reference to `ViewConfig` classes (see e.g. `@InlineViewMetaData`
and `@ViewRef`)
+### ViewConfigInheritanceStrategy
+Allows to customize the inheritance-strategy for meta-data.
+E.g. inheritance via std. java inheritance vs. inheritance via nested interfaces.
+Use `ViewConfigRoot` to configure a custom inheritance-strategy.
+### ViewConfigNode
+Node-type used for building the meta-data-tree during the bootstrapping process.
+### @ViewConfigRoot
+Optional annotation which allows to provide custom implementations.
+Only annotate one `ViewConfig` class which represents the root node.
 ## Activation of custom naming conventions
 DeltaSpike allows to customize the default naming convention via `View.DefaultBasePathBuilder`
and/or `View.DefaultFileNameBuilder` and/or `View.DefaultExtensionBuilder`.

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