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From Christian Mötzing <>
Subject Deltacloud EC2 Driver
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 10:00:55 GMT

I am currently working with the EC2 provider and a ruby client (thanks for the link to the
documentation by the way). 
There are several issues I would like to discuss. 

1.) I find it really hard to use rdoc to make a sense of what I have to do. For example: If
I like to create a new instance, I need to select a hardware profile. My understanding is,
that I need to look at the source of
to understand which opts{} are supported. Also I am not sure whether hwp_id is generic for
all providers or specific to EC2. Is there any kind overview for standard opts that are supported
2.) From looking at the above source I can't figure out how to associate a firewall (which
matches a security group in EC2, right?) with the instance at creation time. I am not very
firm in ruby, so all I understand is that this line 
firewalls = opts . inject ( [ ] ) { | res , ( k , v ) | res << v if k =~ / firewalls\d+$
/ ; res } creates a collection of firewall ids. But where do they come from? 3.) Is there
a reason to why an EC2 instance name is always the ami-id, even if there is a name tag pinned
to the instance? Those tags might be specific to EC2 but a tag, if present, in my eyes is
more informative than just the ami-id (which is not unique at all). 4.) Why is there no state
TERMINATED? All terminated instances are shown as STOPPED through deltacloud. 5.) An EC2 instance
has the state running, even if it is still initializing (shown in the aws console). There
the instance is not accessible during that period. 6.) If I a terminate an instance, I get
this error: /var/lib/gems/1.9.1/gems/deltacloud-client-1.1.3/lib/deltacloud/error_response.rb:60:in
`block in call': Method Not Allowed (Deltacloud::Client::InvalidState)
        from /var/lib/gems/1.9.1/gems/faraday-0.8.8/lib/faraday/response.rb:63:in `on_complete'
        from /var/lib/gems/1.9.1/gems/deltacloud-client-1.1.3/lib/deltacloud/error_response.rb:52:in
        from /var/lib/gems/1.9.1/gems/faraday-0.8.8/lib/faraday/request/url_encoded.rb:14:in
        from -------Deltacloud API backtrace------- I call client.destroy_instance(instance_id)
with a correct id. Afterwards, the instance is marked as TERMINATED in the AWS console. 

I really like deltacloud, especially the CIMI support. Thanks for all this effort so far.

With kind regards 

Christian Mötzing 

NOVA TEC // Consulting GmbH 
Dieselstrasse 18/1 // D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen 

	phone: 	+49 711 22040-718 
	fax: 	+49 711 22040-899 
	mobile: 	+49 1608806281 


Sitz der Gesellschaft: Waldenbuch // Handelsregister: Stuttgart – HRB 739078 
Geschäftsführer: Hans-Dieter Brenner // Michael Schuchart // Albrecht Stäbler 

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