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From "Tooley, Christopher Tooley (STL) - contr" <>
Subject RE: Networking Components for Deltacloud OpenStack Driver
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2013 16:10:23 GMT
On 17/06/13 15:36, Tooley, Christopher Tooley (STL) - contr wrote:
> My apologies for the poor formatting and forgotten reference:
>> great timing on the request! Someone put in a feature request for the
>> OpenStack driver a couple weeks ago - tracked at [1] - that was
>> specifically for Elastic IPs and Security Groups. As you'll see on that
>> ticket I started the work of implementing this on the ruby-openstack
>> rubygem side 
> Perfect, I'm looking at the fog/openstack/requests/network directory [ct1] and seeing
what I need in that rubygem, is that what you're talking about?

actually - as you may have found out already if you've seen the pull
request I referenced - the Deltacloud OpenStack driver uses the
ruby-openstack rubygem [1] to talk to the OpenStack services.

Is there a reason that it's built on ruby-openstack instead of fog which seems to drive some
of the other providers? Especially as the the fog client seems to already support a large
portion of this stuff.

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