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From "Tooley, Christopher Tooley (STL) - contr" <>
Subject RE: Networking Components for Deltacloud OpenStack Driver
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2013 12:36:49 GMT
My apologies for the poor formatting and forgotten reference:

> great timing on the request! Someone put in a feature request for the
> OpenStack driver a couple weeks ago - tracked at [1] - that was
> specifically for Elastic IPs and Security Groups. As you'll see on that
> ticket I started the work of implementing this on the ruby-openstack
> rubygem side 

Perfect, I'm looking at the fog/openstack/requests/network directory [ct1] and seeing what
I need in that rubygem, is that what you're talking about?

> I haven't followed Quantum API development of late - however looking at
> the v2 API [3] I can't see any support for IPs, Addresses or Load
> Balancers. Are you sure they are part of Quantum or rather are they
> extensions to Nova?

According the comments in the commit messages, this is hitting the Quantum API. This could
be a relatively new version of the API however, I'm not sure.

> In any case - I think for at least 2 of the things
> you mention - Firewall and IP Addresses the currently open ticket at [1]
> may be of interest for you. Please monitor progress on that and any
> contributions you can make (especially testing of submitted code) will
> help move this forward. For the Load Balancers it's probably a good idea
> to open a new ticket in JIRA to request this or even for yourself to
> contribute code to - though please bear in mind that you need to sign
> the Apache ICLA [4] if you haven't already done that.

They are definitely of interested. I'll try to pull your branch and take a look around this
week (hopefully tonight).

>> It appears that Deltacloud traffic is really dropping off based on the number of
messages per month to the mailing list. Am I looking at the wrong list, catching the community
at a bad time, or is the project losing that much in terms of people's available time?

> To add to what Dies said - I think this email [5] will explain the
> situation somewhat.

Thank you, that was kind of what I'd determined as well. It appears that the inevitable convergence
is starting. Deltacloud offers something I've not seen in anything else and is the reason
we really like it.


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