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From "" <>
Subject Re: cimi network support
Date Tue, 28 May 2013 08:18:39 GMT
On 28/05/13 00:36, Koper, Dies wrote:
> Hi Marios,

> When you mentioned network support is still on DC's roadmap I assume
> fixing cimi network support was what you had in mind.

not sure which exchange you are referring to exactly ;) but yes, that is
definitely one part of 'network_support'. The other is to see how 'sane'
the current networks mapping/implementation is and also document it.
This last part and documentation in general (e.g. update website install
instructions, tidy up the api etc) is something I plan to spend some
time on in the coming weeks, though progress will likely be slow due to
other pressing commitments.

> As I understand it, we had cimi network (and related collections)
> support, implemented at least for mock.
> You then added Deltacloud network support, using the same method name
> (networks), breaking cimi network because the driver now has two methods
> with the same name.


> I looked at fixing it. As it turned out a bit more complicated that I
> thought (ran into a weird backtrace again), I thought I'd first check
> with you how you thought it should be implemented.
> And is this something you've already started working on and I'd better
> wait for you to complete that?

no, this isn't something I'm currently working on. It is however
something that I want to look at, when I can. However if you've got the
traction to get into it now, please go ahead.

> I thought we could map cimi networks to DC subnets (i.e. delete all the
> cimi network operations and yaml files from mock driver) as we do for
> machines and instances.
> Also, I thought we could map cimi forwarding groups to DC networks that
> have more than one subnet.

yes, cimi_network <--> dcloud_subnet and cimi_forwarding_group
<-->dcloud_network is exactly the mapping I had in mind; I'm not sure
how well it will work and there may be some tweaks required (e.g. adding
any missing attributes to the models).

> If I understand correctly, cimi network ports are not equivalent to DC
> network interfaces, so for cimi network ports we'd keep the current
> network_ports methods in the drivers.

well, not sure about that. I think cimi_net_port <-->
dcloud_net_interface could work, though we'd need to add a couple of the
mandatory attributes to the net_interface, like state, type and
classOfService which are missing.

all the best, marios

> Is that what you had in mind?
> Regards,
> Dies Koper

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