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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject Re: Bikeshedding: rename the repository on github from core to deltacloud
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2013 06:57:17 GMT
On 04/18/2013 09:51 PM, Joseph VLcek wrote:

Tomas, thanks for this sum up, I tried to think more about all this and 
I agree with Joe as result ;-)

I think we can have 'deltacloud' in repo name, for all reasons you 
pointed out. Since we haven't made any official announcement to mailing 
list yes (just the community call), I think there is still some time to 
change the name. Also changing name, will not destroy the history for 
the project (closed pull requests, etc..)

But as Joe mentioned, I would prefer deltacloud-core for various reason. 
One reason is that 'deltacloud' organization on Github could be an 
umbrella for the upcoming 'deltacloud-lib' (and other demo-ware/projects 
(deltacloud-workers, etc...)), so I think instead of just 'deltacloud', 
we should call it 'deltacloud-core' (which is the official gem name 

So +1 to rename, but I would prefer 'deltacloud-core' as the new name.

PS: We can still keep 'core' repo that will link to 'deltacloud-core', 
so if somebody watch the community call, he will be pointed out to the 
'right' repository.

   -- Michal

> I'm not in favor of renaming the repo but Thomas does make a few good points
> so if the decision is made to change the name then it would be OK with me.
> The one thing I would ask is that the name not be deltacloud/deltacloud but instead
> deltacloud/deltacloud-core, or something of the like, to aid in distinguishing it from
> the apache/deltacloud repo.
> Just my 2 cents.
> Joe V.


Michal Fojtik <>
Deltacloud API, CloudForms

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